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dansk design Prego

Danish Design since 1966





We contribute directly to the fulfillment of 14 out of 17 UN world targets for sustainability

At the same time, we indirectly support the last three

Through our collaboration with Plastic Bank, we work for a better world for everyone.

Plastic Bank provides a consistent, over market price payment for plastic waste, stimulating the collection. Individuals who collect plastic can change it for money, goods or services.

The value of Social Plastic® goes beyond the commodity price of plastic. Thereby, unique opportunities for the world’s poor are created by providing solid income, goods and services, while maintaining plastic out of the oceans.

When you buy any prego glasses, you contribute to the collection of 4 kg of marblast, corresponding to 200 0.5 l plastic bottles.

Read more about our direct contribution to the fulfillment of the UN world goal here.

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